FAA FOIA lawsuit - District of Columbia

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Thursday November 5, 2020 13:07
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William Harris Payne,                                                         )
Boeing 767 Software Certification Policy, 1980 coauthor,         )
Plaintiff,                                                                           )   
v.                                                                                    ) Civil Action No.       
Steve Dickson,                                                                   )
Administrator of the FAA,                                                    )
Defendant.                                                                        )     


1. Plantiff requested
Tuesday May 12, 2020 10:31

Hello FAA Administrator Dickson,

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. I request the following records for Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Boeing 737 MAX: :

1 Makes/models of flight control computers.

2 Name, number of lines of code in what computer language for each/all software modules.
2. FOIA receipt finally acknowledge. Exhibit A.

3. Applear denied. Exhibit B.

4 Reason for request is that from 1966 and before and 1980 and after Boeing hardware engineers set software implementation standards.

ALL software modules required NOT to exceed one page [~60 lines] of code.

Reason is that software issue[s] could be traced to one or more modules and repaired by software engineers some of who are not original code author[s].

1980 767 software certification policy team consisted on project leader [Pat Corey] with Boeing AWACS experience, Vietnam war fighter pilot, and plaintiff with mainframe and distributed small computer experience.

Pilot coauthor reported that more than 100 microcomputers were connected on an AIRINC 429 serial network[s?].

767 software measured ~60,000 lines of code, if plantiff recalls correctly.
AWACS costed out to ~$100/code line, Corey reported.

Boeing management became concerned that similar costs might apply to 767 software.

Distributed computer software costs differ from Centralized systems?
Rough [~] computations 60,000/100 = 600 lines per microcomputer, on the average?

Or ~10 pages of code/microcomputer.

5 Administive remedies exhased xx,



AWACS computer.
IBM System/4 Pi.

IBM and Hazeltine were selected to develop the mission computer and display system. The IBM computer was designated 4PI, and the software was written in JOVIAL.


Project halted: Friday November 6, 2020 16:59.

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A stand for Ahmad but why this question?

Iran Danesjoo Information Committee project reports. [1, 2 , 3].
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